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  • Huzaifa Umar
    Huzaifa Umar

    Near East University


    Nanotechnology; Artificial Intelligence; Cancer Biology; Biochemistry; Microbiology

    I am an accomplished researcher and academician with expertise in bioengineering aspects of natural product and their potential applications in cancer treatment. My research areas include Cancer Biology, Nanotechnology, Drug delivery, Biochemistry...

  • Emilia M. Szumska
    Emilia M. Szumska

    Kielce University of Technology


    Vehicle dynamics and control; Design, simulation, and optimization of electric vehicles; Energy efficiency analysis of electric and hybrid vehicles; Impact of driving conditions on the performance of electric vehicles; Life cycle assessment of con

    Dr Emilia M. Szumska, holds a Doctor of Science in Transport from Warsaw University of Technology, awarded in March 2019. Her doctoral thesis, titled "Evaluating the Effectiveness of Alternative Propulsion Systems for Urban Buses," delved into the...

  • Xiaolong Zheng
    Xiaolong Zheng

    Harbin Institute of Technology


    Nonlinear Systems; Adaptive Control; Neural Networks; Robotics; Artificial Intelligence.

    Xiaolong Zheng received the B.S. degree in automation from Yangtze University College of Technology and Engineering, Jingzhou, China, in 2013, the M.S. degree in control theory and control engineering from Bohai University, Jinzhou, China, in 2016...

  • Ji Youn Lee
    Ji Youn Lee


    United States

    I am an expert in the fields of molecular imaging (PET, SPECT, CT, MRI, IVIS, microscope, confocal image), CDX modelling, radio-isotope related research, set up the assay protocol (Kd, Bmax, Ki), drug screening, va

    I got a Ph.D. degree (Radiology) at Seoul National University, which is Top of University in Korea, and got a Post Doc training in the Department of Radiology at University of Pennsylvania.  To date, my studies have focused on the development...

  • Melisa Bertero
    Melisa Bertero

    University of Nebraska–Lincoln


    Pyrolysis, biomass, biorefinery, petroleum, petrochemistry, catalysts, cannabis, wastes, catalytic cracking

    The researcher works on catalytic applications and development of new processes for the valorization of residual biomass, with emphasis on the production of fuels and raw materials for the chemical industry. Its main lines of work are the pyrolysi...

  • Michael Bekele Maru
    Michael Bekele Maru

    Sungkyunkwan University

    South Korea

    1. Algorithmic-based structural health monitoring and automatic damage assessment of the existing infrastructures on civil structures using shape information of an object.
    2. Elevating damage detection and quantification using advanced

      Michael Bekele Maru, hailing from Ethiopia, embarked on his academic journey at Bethlehem Primary & Secondary School, where he demonstrated a keen interest in science and mathematics throughout his education, culminating in his completion of t...

  • Zhigang Wang
    Zhigang Wang

    Beijing University of Technology


    Disaster prevention and mitigation for tunnels crossing active fault zones

    Wang Zhigang, a PhD holder from Beijing University of Technology, is an expert in disaster prevention and mitigation for underground structures that traverse active fracture zones. He has an impressive publication record, including 10 papers as th...

  • Junyuan Duan
    Junyuan Duan

    Wuhan Institute of Technology


    Water splitting; CO2 electroreduction; nanocatalysis; synthesis of inorganic materials.

    Dr. Duan Junyuan, a postgraduate supervisor, was selected for the fifth-level Excellent Talent Plan at Wuhan Institute of Technology and the Hubei Province Postdoctoral Excellent Talent Tracking Support Plan. From September 2009 to June 2013, he p...


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