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  • Dragos Eugen Georgescu
    Dragos Eugen Georgescu

    Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy

    Surgical Oncology, Gynecologic oncology, Laparoscopy, Hepatobiliopancreatic surgery

    Dr. Dragos Eugen Georgescu is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Surgery at “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Bucharest, Romania. He obtained a Bachelor of Medicine at Faculty of Medicine - “Carol Davil...

  • Zhengzhi Mu
    Zhengzhi Mu

    Jilin University

    Biomimetic composites, bioinspired functional structures, bionic interface engineering

    Dr. Zhengzhi Mu currently works as an Associate Prof. of Jilin University. He received his PhD in Bionic Science and Engineering from Jilin University (China). He had studied as Research Scholar at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor (USA) and Vi...

  • Ayat-Allah Bouramdane
    Ayat-Allah Bouramdane

    International University of Rabat

    Energy Mix Modelling and Optimization, Climate Change, Energy Storage, Energy Dispatching, Smart Grids/Cities, Hydrogen, Water Management, Offshore Floating Photovoltaic, Onshore and Offshore Wind, Concentrated Solar Power, Utility-Scale Photovoltaic, Multi-Criteria Decision-Making, Life Cycle Assessment, Life Cycle Cost, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence.

    Graduated in 2017 as an Energy Engineer from the School of Energy at the International University of Rabat (IUR), with an exchange program at the École Européenne d'Ingénieurs en Génie des Matériaux (EEIGM), the ...

  • Lei Luo
    Lei Luo

    Sichuan Agricultural University

    Behavioral science, sustainable development

    As the first and corresponding author, he published 14 papers in journals included in SCI, SSCI, CSSCI and CSCD, including TOP2 in the first district of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1 in the four major journals of Agricultural Economics, and 1...

  • Sansone Luigi
    Sansone Luigi

    San Raffaele University of Rome

    Investigation of the mechanisms that regulate cell death and degradation with loss of function in neurodegenerative diseases. He has also carried out research on the function of mitochondrial sirtuins and on the recovery of mitochondrial integrity and cell survival in the presence of stress.

    Sansone Luigi graduated in 2009 in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the Tor Vergata University of Rome. From 2006 to 2009 he worked as an intern in the laboratory of Prof. Mauro Piacentini with research activities on endoplasmic reticulum stres...

  • Ionuţ Simion Coman
    Ionuţ Simion Coman

    Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy

    Surgery, Emergency Surgery, Oncological Surgery, Gastrointestinal surgery, Abdominal Wall Defects Surgery

    In present:
    Specialist in General Surgery
    General Surgery Department
    “Bagdasar-Arseni” Clinical Emergency Hospital

    2019 – present
    Specialist in General Surgery
    Certificate of Laparoscopic Surge...

  • Scepan Sinanovic
    Scepan Sinanovic

    Milutin Milankovic Medical College of Applied Studies

    Palliative care, Health care, Management in healthcare, Nursing

    Professional medical technician (High Medical College of Professional Studies, Belgrade, Serbia); Graduated health care manager, Faculty of Health Sciences, "Apeiron" University, Banja Luka; Master manager in the health care system (Faculty of Med...

  • Liqiao Nong
    Liqiao Nong

    Guangxi Polytechnic of Construction

    Educational technology, English teaching methodology, educational technology integrated into language teaching

    Dr. Liqiao Nong, Ph.D, associate professor in school of humanities and education at Guangxi Polytechnic of Construction. Her research interests include: Educational technology, English teaching methodology, educational technology integrated into l...

  • Osman Fehmi Beyazal
    Osman Fehmi Beyazal

    Başakşehir Çam and Sakura City Hospital

    Heart transplantation and artificial heart support systems

    2015-2019 Ankara Türkiye Yüksek İhtisas Training and Research Hospital, Cardiovascular Surgery, Heart transplant team (Specialization Training)

    2019-2020 Ankara City Hospital, Cardiovascular Surgery, Heart transplant team (Sp...


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