Ndong Atome Guy Roger Editor at IgMin Research

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Professor Biochemisty, Molecular Biology & Microbiology (CAMES), PhD (Senegal):  Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Master’s degree in Research (Japan): Biochemistry & Molecular biology, Master's degree in biochemistry (France): Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Bachelor (France): Of Biochemistry, College Diploma in General Studies (France): Chemistry and Biology, Baccalaureate in Science (Gabon) Mathematics, natural sciences. 

Professional Experience:
Post-doctoral training (Work performed : Study of Arboviruses, Isolation, Quantification, Phylogeny in Central Africa),
Engineer Researcher at the International Medical Research Center of Franceville (Work performed: Serological diagnosis of Hepatitis C Virus, Study of the prevalence of Hepatitis C Virus in rural areas, Phylogenetic study of strains and subtypes circulating in the Haut-Ogooué region).

Work performed :Virology technics on the development of new prevention Strategies against HIV infection; Work performed: Serological diagnosis and genotyping of HCV in pregnant women in Gabon
Currently Professor at the University of Science and Technology of Masuku, Gabon Lecturer in the Department of Chemistry / Biochemistry

Reasearch Interest

Virology HCV, HBV, HIV: epidemiology, phylogenetic study and antiviral resistance, Microbiology, antibiotic resistance and multi-resistance.