Kyoungrean Kim Editor at IgMin Research

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Dr. Kyoungrean Kim is a Principal Research Scientist of Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST), KOREA (Rep. of., South). And he is also a professor of Korean National University of Science and Technology (UST). He has been being focused on (contaminated) marine sediment remediation including evaluation, treatment, beneficial use, disposal and environmental standards.

He worked for KIOST since 2005 and UST from 2016. He achieved 70 research articles, 1 book, 2 international patent (PCT registration), 1 USA patent(Registration), 1 USA patent(Application), 1 Japan patent(Application),19 Korea patent(Registration) and 3 Korea patent(Application). He is one of the best specialists in the field of sediment and soil, especially site characteri zation, remediation, development of treatment technology, beneficial use, disposal and en vironmental standards.

Especially, he developed “Remediation treatment system for sediments at the bottom of water” in 2015. This system is one of R&D results supported by K orean government, consists of particle separation, washing and advanced oxidation proces s combined with nano size fine bubbles and OH radicals in a single treatment flow.

The s ystem may overcome the limitation of space and treatment capacity. It could also setup at ship, barge, near shore, off shore, land and even though at any place. Most of treated sedi ments may use beneficially for various purposes. Moreover, it could apply remediation of  sediment, soil or other related industries.

Reasearch Interest

Marine sediment remediation including evaluation, treatment, beneficial use, disposal, environmental standards and etc.