Bekir Erhan Orhan Editor at IgMin Research

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Dr. Bekir Erhan Orhan is a seasoned academic and educator in Physical Education and Sports Education. He has a PhD from the Educational Sciences Institute at Gazi University and a Master's and Bachelor's degree in the same discipline, laying a profound foundation for future research and teaching endeavours.

Currently serving at Istanbul Aydın University's Faculty of Sports Sciences, Dr Orhan's expertise spans several critical areas of sports sciences, focusing on physical activity and health, adapted physical activities, and the intricate processes of exercise programming and fitness. His academic portfolio is rich with numerous international studies in these domains, contributing significantly to the body of knowledge in sports sciences.

Dr. Orhan is recognized for his analytical skills in understanding the multifaceted relationship between physical activities and the well-being of special needs individuals, particularly those with autism spectrum disorders. His doctoral thesis, which explored the behavioural changes in individuals with autism engaged in adapted physical activities, reflects his commitment to inclusive education and the therapeutic potential of sports.

Beyond his research, Dr. Orhan has a strong presence in the academic community, frequently participating in conferences, seminars, and workshops. He is known for translating complex scientific concepts into practical applications, benefiting his students and peers. His commitment to education is evident in his teaching and involvement in developing programs that promote physical health, sports participation, and overall quality of life improvements through exercise.

Dr. Orhan's work is informed by a holistic understanding of how physical activity can be tailored to meet the needs of diverse populations, ensuring that the benefits of sports and exercise are accessible to all. With a robust academic background and a deep passion for his field, Dr. Bekir Erhan Orhan continues to inspire and lead in the realm of sports sciences.

Reasearch Interest

Physical activity and Health; Adapted Physical Activity; Physical Fitness