Miguel Ángel Rosety Rodríguez Editor at IgMin Research

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Professor Dr. Miguel Ángel Rosety, currently a Full Professor at the University of Cádiz (UCA), Research Member of the Move-it Research Group CTS1038, and the INiBICA - Biomedical Research and Innovation Institute of Cádiz, and Director of the Department of Sports Sciences, has forged an exceptional career in the field of research, teaching, and university management.

Graduated and was awarded a doctorate in Sports Sciences in 2010 and 2012, from the European University of Madrid and the University of Cádiz, respectively, Dr. Rosety has been distinguished for his leadership in the Research Group in Physical Exercise, Oxidative Stress, and Health, as well as in other areas related to health and physical activity.

In his research activity, Dr. Rosety has been prolific, with a production of more than 60 articles published in JCR-indexed journals, focusing particularly on lines of work such as Oxidative Stress, Health, and People with Intellectual Disabilities, Depression, and Elderly People. Additionally, he has ontributed two books and two chapters in English, highlighting his commitment to the dissemination of knowledge at the national and international levels.

His participation in national and international conferences has been significant, with over 70 contributions. His contribution in the research field is also reflected in his involvement in directing courses and scientific-technical seminars and the development of three Patents, as well as predoctoral and postdoctoral stays in prestigious international centers, demonstrating the recognition of his peers in the scientific community.

In the field of university management, Dr. Rosety has played multiple roles, and his commitment to educational quality is reflected in his participation in academic committees and quality assurance committees for university programs. Additionally, Dr. Rosety Rodríguez has been active in the professional sphere, participating as a member of the Scientific Committee of the "World Federation of Athletic Training and Therapy" and the "Foundation for Research in Sports Science and Physical Activity," as well as contributing as a reviewer for various scientific journals and serving on Evaluation Committees.

In summary, the outstanding career of Professor Dr. Miguel Ángel Rosety Rodríguez at the University of Cádiz reflects a remarkable commitment to scientific research, university teaching, and academic management, establishing him as a leading figure in the field of Sports Sciences and Physical Activity.

Reasearch Interest

Oxidative stress, inflammatory system, neurodegeneration, visual system, body composition/nutrition, physical exercise and health.