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Zhang Jian is the vice president of School of Mechanical Engineering of Jiangsu University of science and technology, Professor with a double doctoral degree. Mr. Zhang has been devoted to researching deep-sea engineering equipment and got many academic achievements in field of bathyscaphe. He set up new prediction model of ultimate bearing capacity of pressure shell, solving problems of quantitative between limit pressure, geometry, material and defect parameters. He proposed bionic design method of egg-shaped shell which effectively concludes optimal solution in the field of engineering. He published 51 Science Citation Index papers as the first author or corresponding author. Since 2011, Mr. Zhang has presided over two National Natural Science Foundation of China Projects, Jiangsu Provincial Excellent Youth Science Fund, National Defence Foundation Strengthening Program and Jiangsu Youth Science Foundation Project. Meanwhile, he was selected as the leader of excellent scientific and technological innovation team in Colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province. His core theory and technology have been successfully applied to deep-sea submersibles, including the Striver, the Dream Chaser, the Rainbow Fish I/II, realizing abyssal sea exploration of 142 sub 10000 meters. As an academic researcher, Mr Zhang constructed core technology system of deep-sea pressure resistant structure, playing an important role in the development of deep-sea submersible.

Reasearch Interest

Design and manufacturing of pressure resistant structures for deep-sea submersibles