Verjesh Kumar Magotra Editor at IgMin Research

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Dr. Verjesh Kumar Magotra currently works, as Assitant Professor at Nano Information Technology Academy (NITA) QSRC Dongguk University South Korea. He has done his post-doctorate for 2 years in the same dept before. Dr Magotra does his PhD at Dongguk University South Korea. He has done his graduation, masters and MPhil from Indian universities.

Dr Magotraa starts working with Prof T.W.kang renowned scientist in Korea under his guidance. Working on Green energy, membranes, electrodes, different biofuels, soil-based Fuel cells, Waste Management, Soil pollution, Soil Science soil-based systems Materials Physics, and Environmental Science. Mostly fabrication and designing of MFC fuel cells' single, double and triple chambers including the fabrication of stacks for higher power generation and Researcher in Renewable green energy from the last 8 years

Reasearch Interest

Fuel cells, soil fuel cell, brick type, bio fuels, single, double and triple chamber. Anodes cathodes, stacks