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Michael Bekele Maru Editor at IgMin Research

Our mission is to foster interdisciplinary dialogue and accelerate the advancement of knowledge across a wide spectrum of scientific domains.


Michael Bekele Maru, hailing from Ethiopia, embarked on his academic journey at Bethlehem Primary & Secondary School, where he demonstrated a keen interest in science and mathematics throughout his education, culminating in his completion of the preparatory program at Bishoftu Preparatory School.

Driven by his passion for engineering, Michael pursued a bachelor’s degree in the field, immersing himself not only in his coursework but also in various extracurricular activities aimed at broadening his skill set. Following his graduation, he gained invaluable experience as an Engineer with a leading contractor in Ethiopia, where he excelled in tasks ranging from project synchronization to quality assurance testing.

After two years of enriching professional experience, Michael sought to further his education and broaden his horizons by pursuing graduate studies at Sungkyunkwan University, a prestigious institution renowned for its academic excellence. Under the mentorship of Professor Seunghee Park in the Civil Engineering Department, Michael delved into research focused on digital twin-enabled techniques for structural health monitoring and damage assessment.

In graduate school, Michael's dedication to his research has resulted in significant contributions to the field, with a particular emphasis on synergizing digital twin technologies for 3D building reconstruction and computer vision-based damage detection. His expertise spans a wide array of technical domains, including computer-aided design, finite element modelling, programming, project management, and graphic design.
Michael's hands-on approach to research, coupled with his proficiency in various tools and methodologies, has enabled him to conduct successful experiments and published extensively in reputable academic journals and have presented their work at numerous national and international conferences. His experiences have not only enhanced his technical skills but have also cultivated qualities such as patience, teamwork, time management, meticulousness, and rapid concept absorption.

With his extensive background in engineering and his ongoing commitment to advancing digital twin-enabled structural health monitoring, Michael Bekele Maru is well-equipped to make valuable contributions as a member of an academic journal paper board.

Reasearch Interest

  1. Algorithmic-based structural health monitoring and automatic damage assessment of the existing infrastructures on civil structures using shape information of an object.
  2. Elevating damage detection and quantification using advanced point cloud-based techniques and machine learning.
  3. Advancing Structural Health Monitoring and Damage Assessment through Innovative 3D Reconstruction Techniques and Data-Driven Approaches
  4. Synergizing Digital Twin-enabled Techniques for Advanced Structural Health Monitoring, 3D Reconstruction, and Damage Assessment
  5. Revolutionizing Structural Health Assessment, Non-destructive evaluation, and Damage Analysis through Innovative Optical Sensor Technologies