Lan Xiao Editor at IgMin Research

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Dr Lan Xiao is an emerging leading early-to-mid career researcher in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Since 2011, Dr Xiao has been researching on the mechanisms of bone repair and regeneration under physical and pathological conditions, with a particular interest in osteoimmunology and biomaterial application.

She started her research in biomedical engineering in QUT from 2014 and has a strong track record in the field of tissue engineering with 66 published refereed journal papers (she owns the 1st/co-1st/co-corresponding authorship in 19 of them),  including those with high-impact factors (IFs, 22% of her papers were published on journals with IF>10), which have been considered top journals in the fields of Material Science and Tissue Engineering, such as Materials Today (IF: 31.041), Nano Today (IF: 20.72), Advanced Functional Materials (IF: 18.808), Bioactive Materials (IF: 16.44), Advanced Science (IF: 16.806), Autophagy (IF: 16.016), Chemical Engineering Journal (IF: 13.273), Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica B (IF: 11.413), Nano letters (IF: 11.238), Advanced Healthcare Materials (IF: 11.092), etc.

Over 10% of her outputs were published in the top 1% of journals, and over 50% were published in the top 10% of journals (ranked by CiteScore, SciVal). Since her first paper was published in 2012, Dr Xiao has demonstrated her impact on the field through 12380 citations and a H-index of 16 (according to GS). She has a Field-Weighted Citation Impact (FWCI) of 4.45, signifying her papers are cited over 4-fold higher than the fields’ average.

Her research has been well-recognized in the field and has been presented in 18 domestic/international conferences. Dr Xiao’s research output has become more and more prominent after PhD graduation (2017), during which 57 papers were published (regardless of a 13-month career interruption). Her growing prominence can be demonstrated by the increasing numbers of published papers (4 in 2019, 5 in 2020, 9 in 2021, 23 in 2022) and especially in 2021, 14.3% of her outputs were published in the top 1% journals according to CiteScore ranking (SciVal), this number increases to 30.8% in 2022.

Much of her current research work has been focused on how to regulate immune system to induce tissue regeneration (e.g., bone regeneration, cartilage regeneration, neuronal regeneration, etc). Her research has been presented in 18 domestic/international conferences, and the well-recognized research impact can be further indicated by the invited review paper from Materials Today (top 1% in the field). In just over 5 FTE years since PhD, she has co-supervised/mentored 10 HDR students and 3 visiting-scholars at QUT, co-led multiple national and international projects (contributed to 22 papers) and attracted $117,321 CI funding and $500,000 AI funding.

Reasearch Interest

Biomedical engineering, Regenerative medicine