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Latest Articles

Review Article

27 Mar, 2024

Preventing Rectal Toxicity in Prostate Cancer: Diet and Supplement Alternative to Enemas or Rectal Spacer
Fabrizio Piro, Daria Cosentino, Ugo Piro, Gabriella Tocci and Luigi Marafioti

Background: Rectal toxicity is an important side effect of prostate cancer irradiation affecting 25% of patients. The role of dosimetric variables has a set of dose-volume constraints and curves to...

Review Article

26 Mar, 2024

Breast Cancer: The Road to a Personalized Prevention
Zaira Grattagliano and Asia Grattagliano

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women worldwide. It can be spread when cancer cells get into the blood or lymph system and then are carried to other parts of the body. As it is o...

Brief Communication

25 Mar, 2024

Fibrin Contributes to an Improvement of an in vitro Wound Repair Model using Fibroblast-populated Collagen Lattices
Mario Chopin-DoroteoAldo Montes de Oca-Delgado, Rosa M Salgado and Edgar Krötzsch

Incisional acute wounds of the skin are characterized by a rapid biomechanical response by stromal cell contraction that joins the wound lips through the fibrin cloth. In this work, we have perform...

Research Article

25 Mar, 2024

Balancing Act: Exploring the Interplay Between Human Judgment and Artificial Intelligence in Problem-solving, Creativity, and Decision-making
Abdulrahman M Al-Zahrani

This study explores the repercussions of excessive reliance on Artificial Intelligence (AI) on human cognitive processes, specifically targeting problem-solving, creativity, and decision-making. Em...

Research Article

19 Mar, 2024

Modeling of an Electric-fired Brick Oven, Directly Heated
André-Jacques Nlandu Mvuezolo, Jean Noël Luzolo Ngimbi and Lucien Mbozi

The purpose of this article is to propose a model of an electric-fired brick oven, with the aim of eliminating the imperfections presented by traditional brick ovens. To complete this study, we use...

Research Article

08 Feb, 2024

Efficacy of Different Concentrations of Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs) on Maize Stem Borer Infestation
Muhammad Salman Hameed, Khurshied Ahmed Khan, Nida Urooj and Ijaz Rasool Noorka

Maize stem borer (Chilo Partellus), poses a substantial threat to maize crops all over the world, causing damage that ranges from 26.7% to 80.4%. Its destructive impact includes killing the shoot i...

Mini Review

26 Feb, 2024

The University Sector is Converging on Manufacturing in UK
Kevin Kendall

Many UK inhabitants now adopt careers working in both university and manufacturing sectors. In a typical engineering career, a young student may now start at university, spend time in factories, of...

Review Article

23 Feb, 2024

Analysis of EU Countries’ Capabilities to Achieve Ambitious “Zero Victim” Vision in 2050
Valentina Peleckienė and Peleckis K

The objective of this research paper is to examine and assess the correlation between the economic expansion of European Union member states and the escalating rate of motorization, which subsequen...

Case Report

23 Feb, 2024

A Rare Case of Recurrent Vulvovaginal Smooth Muscle Tumor of Uncertain Malignant Potential (STUMP)
Sakshi Zawar, Priyanka Chaudhari, Viraj Borgaonkar and Utpal Gaikwad

Smooth muscle tumours are the most common mesenchymal tumors of the vulva and vagina, yet their infrequency is demonstrated by the prevalence of published reports as individual cases or small case ...

Research Article

21 Feb, 2024

Effect of Rainfall on Water Parameters in Recreational Lakes in Heidelberg, Germany
Abhishek Chowfin, Nikola Gluvakovic and Ulrike Gayh

This study evaluates the impact of precipitation on water quality in Heidelberg, Germany’s recreational lakes during sporadic rainfall events from August to September 2023. Data were collecte...

Research Article

20 Feb, 2024

Development of a Mechanical Seal Closed Design Model
Serhii Shevchenko

The operating experience of mechanical seals shows that as a result of angular deformations of the rings, the wear of the contact surfaces along the radius is uneven. When designing mechanical seal...

Review Article

07 Feb, 2024

The Conceptual View of the Department of Combat use of Communication Units on the Creation of a Training Game Complex for Training Military Specialists on the Basis of Leadership
Igor Kozubtsov and Oleksandr Nesterov

Today’s cadet leader is tomorrow’s officer, a professional capable of integrating knowledge and solving complex problems in a full-scale war with incomplete information, being a leader ...