Nguyen Duy Thai Editor at IgMin Research

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Dr. Nguyen Duy Thai is Deputy Head of the Bacterial Vaccine Control Department, at the National Institute for Vaccines and Biologicals, Ministry of Health, Vietnam. He is a prominent researcher and a visiting lecturer at the Vietnam University of Traditional Medicine.

He holds leadership roles as the Vice President and General Secretary of the Vietnam Association of Traditional Medicine and Sleep Medicine (VATSM) and edits renowned journals, including the Journal of Orthopedics & Bone Disorders and the Journal Of Control Vaccine And Biologicals. With over 15 years in public health, Dr. Thai has significant expertise in vaccines, infectious disease prevention, DNA testing, and sleep disorders, having numerous publications in prestigious international journals.

He's collaborated on international projects with organizations like ADB, CDC, and PATH in Vietnam. His educational background includes a Bachelor's in Biotechnology from Vietnam National University, a Master's in Molecular Biology from Taiwan, a PhD in sleep medicine from France, and an IT engineering degree from Vietnam.

His research prioritizes molecular biology and immunology to study infectious agents, with significant contributions to vaccine development and quality assurance. Beyond this, Dr. Thai uses DNA techniques for identification and origin-tracing and is adept at diagnosing and treating sleep disorders. Committed to upholding global research standards like GMP, ISO, and WHO, he ensures lab safety, contributes to medical standards, and mentors future biotechnology experts.

Reasearch Interest

Sleem medicine, Sleep disordes, Vaccines and control of infectious diseases public health