Peng Yue Editor at IgMin Research

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Yue Peng, was born in Aug. 1987 in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, China. In 2016, he graduated from the National Aerospace University “Kharkov Aviation Institute”, received a Bachelor’s degree in “Theoretical and Applied Mechanics” in 2011, a Master’s degree in “Solid Mechanics” in 2013, and a Ph.D. in “Fluid Mechanics” in 2017. During his studies, he received support from the China Scholarship Council (CSC). 

From 2017 to 2023, he served in the Institute of Engineering Thermo-physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the School of Aerospace Science and Technology of the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, with the title of associate professor. Since 2023, he has been serving as a professor at the School of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering at Ocean University of China. Additionally, from 2020 to 2023, he also served as a professor at the Institute of Space Technology, China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center.

Reasearch Interest

Rational mechanics, Design of trans-medium aircraft, mathematical modelling, and Calculation of fluid-structure coupling