Mutaz Hamed Hussien Khairi Editor at IgMin Research

Our mission is to foster interdisciplinary dialogue and accelerate the advancement of knowledge across a wide spectrum of scientific domains.


I have published several papers in the Electrical Engineering field, with a few more under review. Furthermore, all the courses I have attended in my B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. are closely related to Computer Engineering and Electronics System Engineering.

My research interests are mainly related to Computer Architecture and networking, with particular interests in Computer and Electronics System Engineering, such as software-defined networking (SDN), load balancing, network traffic classification, Internet-of-things (IoT), cloud computing, Network security, and future networks.

Reasearch Interest

Software Defined Network; Modern Network; Telecommunication Network; Computer Network; Network Security; Big Data; AI, Deep Learning and Machine Learning Application; Electronic Design; IoT Application