Marcelo Cando Jácome Editor at IgMin Research

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Doctor-PhD. in Geology from the University of Salamanca, highest qualification: Cum laude. Researcher in External Geodynamics. Master in Management and Environmental Sciences. Geology Engineer, Specialist in Applied Geomatics (Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing and Numerical Modeling).

Developer of methodologies for the reduction of natural and anthropic risks. Trainer in universities, institutes and ministries in Advanced Applied Geomatics. Speaker at symposiums and workshops nationwide and international. Corrector and advisor of 56 master's theses in management and reduction of Risks. Undergraduate professor in Hydrogeological Risks and Hydrogeochemistry. Director and Undersecretary of Risk Analysis-Secretariat of Risk Management Ecuador

Reasearch Interest

Researcher in Geology, Geomorphology, Applies Geomatics, Geoinformatics (GIS), External Geodinamics, Risk management (Earthquakes, floods, mass movements, tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanic fires, forest fires, dispersion of pollution vectors, social risk, explosions, structural fires, deformations of topographic relief, geological risks in general, among other hazards.