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Md Abdul Kuddus Sheikh is a researcher at “Photonic Materials and Structures” research group in Łukasiewicz Research Network – PORT. He received his Bachelor degree in Chemistry from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh and Masters leading Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Kookmin University, South Korea. He obtained his Ph.D. in August 2020 and then he joined as a post-doctoral researcher in Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation, Kookmin University, Korea till February 2022. In Kookmin University, his research was involve in perovskite solar cells, solar module, semi-transparent solar cells, various device structures, various electrode materials, and so on. Here in Łukasiewicz Research Network – PORT, he joined “Photonic Materials and Structures” research group in May 2022. His research focus on the study and analyze the optical and nonlinear properties of different perovskite materials and their potential for high-efficient perovskite photonic devices

Reasearch Interest

Photonic devices, electronic devices, optoelectronics, thin films, chemistry, renewable energy, R&D research, radiation detector, LED, wearable electronics

Abdul Kuddus Sheikh


Work Details

 Senior Research Scientist

 Łukasiewicz Research Network - PORT Polish Center for Technology Development

 Department of Materials Science and Engineering



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