Sushil Doranga Editor at IgMin Research

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Dr. Sushil Doranga has been serving as an assistant professor at Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas since September 2019. Before joining Lamar, Dr. Doranga worked as an advanced lead engineer with the transport intelligence division of General Electric (GE) Canada. During his tenure at GE, Dr. Doranga played a crucial role in quantifying the pin fretting of electronic connectors caused by in-service vibration.

His research mainly focused on quantifying the relative motion of the electronic connector, developing a methodology to measure the pin fretting of connectors, providing vibration isolation solutions to electromechanical systems, generating and implementing an accelerated loading profile for electromechanical systems used in locomotives and railway tracks, and designing experiments for the accelerated testing of electromechanical systems.

Dr. Doranga has extensive experience in modal analysis, transient analysis, and frequency response analysis, where the input is in the form of displacement or accelerations. The traditional concept of vibration analysis is based on measuring force as an input. However, this approach has limitations when applied to practical engineering structures, which are usually tested using base excitation as an input.

Reasearch Interest

Microelectronics reliability modelling, Inverse dynamic problem, Structural dynamic modelling