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Dr. Muhammad Muqeet Rehman is an accomplished researcher in Mechatronics Engineering, renowned for pioneering contributions to biomaterial-based electronic devices and neuromorphic engineering. Holding a Ph.D. from Jeju National University, South Korea, Dr. Muhammad Muqeet Rehman boasts a strong academic background, including BS and MS degrees in Electronics Engineering from GIK Institute of Engineering Science & Technology, Pakistan.

As an Assistant Professor at a leading engineering university in Pakistan for 3 years, Dr. Rehman excelled in academia. Notably, as Principal Investigator (PI) for an HEC-funded research project on biomaterial-based memory devices, he achieved successful project completion followed by multiple research projects as co-PI.

In 2020, Dr. Rehman became a Brain Pool Fellow at Jeju National University's Department of Electronic Engineering, South Korea, supported by National Research Foundation (NRF). Here, the focus has been on groundbreaking research in biomaterial-based neuromorphic devices and applications of biowastes in electronic devices like sensors and electronic skin.

Dr. Rehman's research journey began in 2014, resulting in an impressive portfolio of 40+ SCI-indexed research papers and 1200+ citations with a cumulative impact factor of 100+. Hands-on experience in fabricating, characterizing, and integrating electronic devices is a hallmark of Dr. Rehman's work. Proficiency spans memristors, humidity sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, and nanogenerators. Expertise extends to various fabrication technologies, including electrohydrodynamic atomization, screen printing, reverse offset, inkjet printing, and thermal vacuum evaporation, enabling innovation in diverse electronic components. Dr. Rehman is well-versed in processing biomaterials, 2D materials, polymers, and composites, providing a holistic approach to materials science in electronic applications.

A strong advocate of interdisciplinary collaboration, Dr. Rehman has engaged in research partnerships with biologists, engineers, chemists, and physicists for 10+ years. This collaborative spirit has led to groundbreaking discoveries and a comprehensive understanding of complex research challenges.

Dr. Rehman is a trailblazer in Mechatronics Engineering, known for innovative research in biomaterial-based electronic devices and a commitment to academic excellence. With a wealth of experience and dedication to advancing science, Dr. Rehman continues to shape the future of technology and inspire the next generation of researchers.

Reasearch Interest

Resistive Memory; Self Powered Electronics; Electronic Skin; Sensors; Biocompatible Electronics