Mahfujur Rahman Editor at IgMin Research

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Dr. Md Mahfujur Rahman is an accomplished academician and researcher with a profound expertise in the field of Halal Science and Management. He currently serves as an International Senior Lecturer at the Islamic Business School, Universiti Utara Malaysia, a position he has held since January 2018.

Educational Background and Expertise: Dr. Mahfuj boasts a diverse educational background, including a PhD in Halal Food Authentication from the prestigious University of Malaya, Malaysia. This extensive knowledge base forms the cornerstone of his academic pursuits.

Awards and Recognitions: Dr. Mahfuj's contributions to the field have garnered him numerous awards and accolades, including the esteemed International R&D Awards & Summit-22 for Best Faculty in Halal Science and Management. His extensive publication record includes articles in esteemed WoS, Scopus and refereed journals, book chapters, and notable contributions to conferences.

Reasearch Interest

Dr. Mahfuj's current multidisciplinary research interests encompass Application of nanotechnology, food authentication, Water treatment, halal science and management, Corporate Social Responsibility, and risk management practice. His dedication to the advancement of Halal Science and Management, coupled with his extensive contributions to academia, position him as a distinguished figure in his field. His work continues to have a positive and far-reaching impact on both the academic community and the broader industry.