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Properties of Indium Antimonide Nanocrystals as Nanoelectronic Elements



    Limited Liability Company “NPP Volga”, Saratov, Russia


By measurements on single nanocrystals of indium antimonide in the interelectrode nanogap of a scanning probe microscope, current-voltage characteristics with quasiperiodic current pulsations, are explained in the model of Bloch oscillations in a perfect nanocrystal, and individual sharp peaks - conductivity resonances, explained in the model of quantum-size limitation of the wave process of electron transport in a deep potential hole. The mutual influence of radiation from two statistical ensembles of nanocrystals from the same batch was experimentally studied and established. It is assumed that this radiation is entangled photons. It is proposed to use nanocrystals in nanoelectronics as a single-electron memristor, a single-photon bolometer, and a source of microwave radiation.



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