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A Comprehensive Methodology for Assessing the Business Reputation of Industrial and Production Personnel



    Irkutsk Scientific Center of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Irkutsk, Russia


The currently existing Russian and other legislation, as well as special literature, do not contain a methodology for the formation of the business reputation of the organization’s personnel and as a result, there is no unambiguous perception of the business, professional qualities of personnel as an object of evaluation of the organization in the market system. Therefore, it is impossible to single out the share of the results of intellectual advantage in the goods and services produced.

This confirms the requirements formulated in paragraph 4 of Accounting Regulation 14/2007 «Accounting for intangible assets», which states that the intellectual and business qualities of the organization’s personnel, their qualifications, and their ability to work are not included in the intangible assets (since they are inseparable from their carriers and cannot be used without them).

Meanwhile, the interests of the leading economically developed countries of the world lie in the field of accelerated growth of knowledge acquisition and application of professional skills. This trend of development of economically developed countries forms the basis of competitiveness and efficiency of their work.

It should be noted that in the world economy, there is insufficient theoretical elaboration and a special practical significance and relevance of the issue of assessing the business reputation of the personnel of an economic entity.

The article presents a comprehensive methodology for evaluating the performance of industrial and production personnel (the standard-production methodology), which contributes to the formation of accounting and information support for the analysis of the activities of both structural divisions, responsibility centers, business segments and commercial organizations as a whole. The author’s standard-production methodology makes it possible to determine the business reputation of industrial and production personnel, which contradicts the official economic paradigm.


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