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Discover the nexus of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Medicine in our Multidisciplinary Open Access Journal – a platform for breakthroughs and collaborative expertise, driving knowledge and innovation. | Important Update! Building on our inaugural year's success, adjustments to article processing charges will take effect in October. More details coming soon!

APC at IgMin Research

Our mission is to foster interdisciplinary dialogue and accelerate the advancement of knowledge across a wide spectrum of scientific domains.

Article Processing Charges

We are delighted to announce the launch of our upcoming Special Issue. Inorder to maintain the highest standards of quality and accessibility, we have implemented a structured Article Processing Charge (APC) system. These charges are designed to cover the costs associated with the publication process, including peer review, editorial support, typesetting, and online hosting, ensuring that your research reaches a global audience.

  1. Why Are APCs Necessary?

Article Processing Charges (APCs) are essential to sustain the operations of our open access model. Unlike traditional subscription-based journals, our open access format allows readers to access articles free of charge, ensuring that research is widely disseminated and easily accessible. APCs help us cover the costs of:

  • Rigorous peer review processes to maintain academic integrity and quality.
  • Professional editorial and proofreading services to enhance the readability and presentation of articles.
  • High-quality typesetting and formatting to ensure a professional and visually appealing final product.
  • Online hosting and archiving to provide perpetual access to published articles.
  1. APC Structure

The APC for our Special Issue is competitively priced to accommodate a wide range of contributors while ensuring the sustainability of our publication model. The charges are followed as 949 USD each.

  1. Payment Process

Upon acceptance of their manuscript, authors will receive an invoice for the APC, which can be paid via bank transfer or credit card. Payment details and instructions will be provided in the invoice. It is important to note that publication of the article will proceed only after the full payment of the APC.

  1. Contact Us

If you have any questions or need further information regarding the APCs, discounts, or waivers, please do not hesitate to contact our editorial office at support@journalname.com. We are committed to supporting our authors and ensuring a smooth publication process.

We look forward to your valuable contributions to our Special Issue.