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Orchidea Maria Lecian Author at IgMin Research

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Analytical Expressions of the Markov Chain of K-Ras4B Protein within the Catalytic Environment and a New Markov-State Model
by Orchidea Maria Lecian

The finite Markov chain to which there correspond the qualities of the conformational dynamics of the K-Ras4B proteins in the catalytic reaction is written. The corresponding Markov-Sates models are studied. The properties of the K-Ras4B processes Markov chain allow one to define a new two-state MSM for the analytical description of the final-state transition. The time evolution of the eigenvalue corresponding to the final-state transition in the Galerkin description is written. The tools for the analytical calculations of the relative error ...are therefore prepared. New analytical formulations of the time evolution of the eigenvalue corresponding to the final-state transition are newly written from the experimental data and form the properties of the lag time in shaping the discretization error. The features of the discretization error are newly studied. A comparison with the experimental data is proposed.

Computational Biology Molecular BiologyBiophysics